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TMT Rebars

We envision a future that puts us in the lead role in this dynamic Chhattisgarh steel industry and amongst the top key steel players. At Maruti TMX , we not only dream big, but achieve bigger. We are always adding more value to our products and services through innovations. The company plans to expand its production capacity Very Soon.

TMT Rebars

TMT bars are thermo-mechanically-treated through tempcore based technology for high yield strength. Nothing makes a construction stronger from the core of its foundation than  CRS MARUTI TMX 5550+ Bars. Manufactured to the exacting international standards with license from Thermax Quenching System & Technology of Hennigsdorfer Stahl Engineering, GMBH, Germany, these are synonymous with high strength and amazing flexibility. 

accredited by international Organizations like 


TMT bars are the backbone of new constructions.

Solid Grip on RCC

Rollers incorporated for the manufacture of SEL TMT Bars Re-rolling mill operations are produced and curated through automated CNC machines for Accurate & Perfect Ribs as well as Added Casting Grip when added with Reinforced Concrete Cements.

Resistance to Fire & Corrosion

With the combination of a proper quenching system and steel, SEL TMT Bars are immune to impacts from harsh external weathers and corrosion. Our TMT bars are also tested fire resistant upto the temperature range of 600°C to 650°C.

Resistant to Earthquake

With earthquakes being one of the prominent concerns, our TMT bars contain a fine combination of Manganese and Carbon which is set at 0.42% making the bars highly bendable and offer higher elongation to prevent your constructions from any threats from earthquakes.


With the application of Fe415 and Fe550D, we ensure that you save about 3 to 4% in your TMT Bar purchases. This also ensures savings in steel usage up to 17% making TMT Bars unifor and lower section weights to ensure sustainability.

Features of SML TMT Bars

CRS MARUTI TMX 550+ bars are manufactured using the latest technology, making them one of the best in the market. These are majorly used for residential and commercial construction purposes.

CRS MARURI TMX 550+  is one of the top TMT bars brands in India, manufacturing strongest grip and quality TMT bars. We are a manufacturer and supplier of trusted TMT products in India. Browse through our complete website to know more about our products. Various features of our TMT bar are: 

TMT bars, also known as Thermo Mechanically Treated bars, constitute a crucial component in the construction industry in India. With over thirty years of experience in manufacturing high-quality TMT bars, CRS MARUTI TMX 550+ has emerged as a leading player in the industry. The TMT Bar Manufacturing Process utilized by CRS MARUTI TMX 550+ entails multiple stages of production, including heating, quenching, and cooling. The process ensures superior strength, ductility, and durability of the TMT bars produced.  

Today we are one of the major steel producers of Central India. With continued success, the group has diversified into various businesses such as Sponge Iron, Steel Billets and Blooms.


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