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Eco Bricks

Using fly ash from our DRI plants, we produce high quality and environment friendly substitutes to regular bricks. Ecobricks are cheaper, more durable and significantly stronger than regular bricks.

Eco Bricks

Maruti TMX very strongly believes in environment conservation and preservation. Maruti TMX manufactures eco-friendly bricks mainly from the fly-ash generated from our captive power plant. The manufactured bricks facilitate substantial consumption of fly-ash, an environmental hazard. 

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Eco Bricks are the backbone of new constructions.

Environmental Sustainability:

Fly ash is a waste product from coal power plants, and using it in the production of eco bricks helps reduce the environmental impact of disposing of this material in landfills. This repurposing of fly ash promotes sustainability and reduces the carbon footprint of construction.

Energy-Efficient Production

The manufacturing process of fly ash eco bricks typically requires less energy compared to traditional fired clay bricks. This makes them a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly option.

High Thermal Insulation

Fly ash eco bricks often have good thermal insulation properties, helping to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures and reduce the need for artificial heating and cooling, thereby improving energy efficiency.

Sound Insulation

These bricks can also provide good sound insulation, making them a suitable choice for construction in noisy urban areas or where acoustic comfort is important.


Eco bricks, also known as eco-friendly bricks or compressed earth blocks, are an environmentally sustainable building material that can be made from various materials, including fly ash, which is a byproduct of coal combustion. Fly ash eco bricks have several features that make them an eco-friendly and viable construction material:

Fly ash eco bricks are often lighter than conventional bricks, making them easier to handle and transport, which can contribute to lower construction costs. 

Product/ Grade Size(mm) Fly Ash % Silicon Slag % % Cement %
Eco-Blocks 400*200*150 20 73 7
Eco-Bricks 200*110*70 20 73 7
Eco-Bricks 190*90*90 20 73 7

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