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Sponge Iron

Iron Ore and non-coking coal are the prime raw materials for the production of sponge iron. These are charged into a rotary kiln in requisite proportion along ...

Sponge Iron

Sponge iron is formed through the reduction of iron ore to metallic iron through reaction with carbon in the form of coal, etc. at approx. 1100 degree Celsius. Sponge iron is also referred to as direct reduced iron, metalized iron, or hot briquetted iron.

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  1. Very good reducibility because of high porosity (25-30%)
  2.  Spherical shape and uniform size give very good bed permeability
  3. High strength (150-200 kg ) or more for acid pellets
  4.  Heat consumption is much less than that of sintering
  5. High Iron content and uniform chemical composition, hence lower flux
    and fuel requirement in the furnace
  6. Low FeO
  7. Easy handling
  8. Its Carbon & FeO is very excellent. Steel Mills who are using DRI for
    reducing the Carbon, the FeO in our pellet sponge is less which is the plus
    point for reducing the Carbon
  9. Wearing of inner Lining will not take place , as in the Pellet making we
    are not using Lime

It is a standby for scrap and is mainly used in making steel through the secondary route. Sree Metaliks Limited furnishes and manufactures the best quality products at competitive prices and creates value for both its clientele and stakeholders. We are one of the biggest sponge iron manufacturers in India and aim to become a dependable partner to peripheral industries with our comprehensive product mix.

Sponge Iron Specifications

Constituent Grade 1
% Total Iron 87 ± 1
% Metallic Iron 78, min
% Metallization 88, min
% C 0.08 – 0.10
% S, max 0.03
% P, max 0.07
% Gangue, max 8

Applications of Sponge Iron

Being a leading and pioneer iron ore mining company, Maruti TMX is one of the best sponge iron manufacturer in India. Consistent availability of quality raw material from our mines have enabled cost-effective manufacturing of our finished products. 

  • A standout amongst the basic and most essential raw material required for the production of different steel/iron-based products such as Billets
  • It is a part-substitute for steel scrap. It is necessary for assembling steel by induction furnaces and electric arc furnaces.
  • The waste gases generated from the process of producing sponge iron are utilized in generating power making the Plant eco friendly

Today we are one of the major steel producers of Central India. With continued success, the group has diversified into various businesses such as Sponge Iron, Steel Billets and Blooms.


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